easyPos & easyInvoice

Fiscalisation solutions

easyPos and easyInvoice are software applications that allow users to issue invoices in compliance with the new fiscalisation procedures (law no. 87/2019) in Albania.

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We are putting the IoT in the hand of the technicians and engineers with a growing family of products and customizable devices for solving the industry problems in cheap and fast transition.
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Smart Thermostat (SYNI)

We are in the process of designing a new smart thermostat, with an intuitive interface and wireless communication, for a fully connected HVAC solution. Our solution includes a fully wireless, no-cable, easy-to-install, battery-powered and very low consumption device. It has a sleek and minimalist look and it sits well on the wall. We are currently working with a set of techniques that would allow us to implement forecast reading and smart learning in the device, so as to improve its functionalities and decision making.


Temperature Differential Controller

TDC is a device for management of Solar Water Heater (SWH) systems. It supports different system configurations and is highly flexible to be used in most complex systems. Its aim is to increase the efficiency of SWH and to help users monitor the system in remote. A description of the product would include:
• TFT LCD display with 128x128 px resolution and 65K colors;
• Wi-Fi module on board supporting all TCP/IP stack;
• Secure transaction support via Public Key Infrastructure;
• High resolution temperature sensing in 4 different channels;
• 3 high voltage, output control relays for management of
electric pumps, AC valves, boilers;
• Online monitoring and controlling interface;


Chiller Controller

This is a flexible and universal controller for heat pumps in HVAC systems. It can be integrated in your existing system by controlling with relays the standard chiller commands like ON/OFF/AUTO and HEAT/COOL. Some of its characteristics are:
- 4 buttons to operate the device;
- TFT LCD display;
- Wi-Fi module on board supporting all TCP/IP stack;
- High resolution temperature sensing in 4 different channels;
- Online monitoring and controlling interface;
- Daily operation schedule intervals;


Electronic Cash Register (ECR)

This is an electronic device that is used to print out a receipt each time there is a commercial transaction between a seller/vendor and a buyer/user. It also might be used in points-of-sale to keep records of the transactions that take place. Some of its features are:
- State-of-the-art antitamper secure microcontroller;
- GPRS Module for data transmission
- 2 GLCD displays and a 2” thermal printer;
- 3 types of memories (FLASH, EEPROM, SDHC)
- Fiscal memory board for saving the fiscal transactions;

GPRS Modem

GPRS Modem

This is a GPRS modem used in current ECRs in Albanian market share. This product is easily customizable in order to best adapt to our clients requests and needs. Some of its specificities are:
• state-of-the-art antitamper secure microcontroller;
• high performance with low power;
• on chip cryptography;
• customizable functions and protocols;
• RS232, USB, CAN, Ethernet etc. port communication;
• customizable layout and enclosure;
• two different configurations, internal and external.

Smart Water Meter

Smart Water Meter (SWM)

This device is able to turn your normal water meter into a smart water meter. It represented out first step towards IoT industry. It includes:
• state-of-the-art Low Power Microcontroller;
• wireless communication via Low Power Wide Area
• Network (LPWAN).
• LoRaWAN communication protocol;
• data acquisition via magnetic sensor;
• Real-Time consume monitoring;
• battery, lasting up to 5 years of operation.

Motor Control Compatible with the KBA Servo Drive

Motor Control Compatible with the KBA Servo Drive D230B004/D230B004

Made to work directly on a KBA offset SENSORLESS control for the original BLDC of the machine New technology used on IGBT modules increasing the efficiency Reduced heat even in maximum load Made to fit in the original enclosure USB control for advanced settings (technicians) Highly protected against temperature, overvoltage, under voltage, overcurrent, etc

Your Thing

Your Thing

Your Thing is anything. It can be your automatic door controller, garden watering pump controller, air conditioner controller and many other things...
• Configure it on-demand. It could support different wireless communication:
• Wi-Fi with secure transaction.
• GPRS/3G when it is not possible to have Wi-Fi connection.
• RF (433MHz, 868MHz) for low data rate application.
• NB-IoT for Low Power Wide Area Network application running on battery powered devices.