50+ developed prototypes

We have designed more than 50 prototypes, ranging from Power Electronics to Telecommunications and, recently, quite a few IoT projects

4000+ units sold

Our best sold product has already reached 4000 units and it is still growing

3 weeks from Idea to Prototype

We can help you get from a simple idea, without any engineered solution, to a fully fledged prototype within 3 weeks

Up to 50% cost savings

We can reach really low prices for prototypes and production from our manufacturing line

What we do at ESDP

We are a full stack IoT company with expertise in hardware and software that can develop your project from idea to finished product.
Schematic & Hardware Design

We start by creating the electric schematic and finding the right components for the specific project. As a next step comes the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design where the components are linked together in the most efficient way depending on what the dimensional requirement of the board are.

Prototype & Test

Quick and flexible prototype production means you can get your product to market faster. By reducing the time of prototype-production and getting a thorough feedback from it, we can minimize the overall cost of design-to-manufacture process.

Embedded Software

A great hardware needs a great firmware! This gives more flexibility by reducing hardware dependencies. Keeping that in mind we have always pursued the “state of the art” in embedded programming.


Design and manufacturing should go hand in hand, especially when it comes to relatively new products. This is why we offer to manufacture in-house what we design for you. We believe that you can gain better control of your product as well as more flexibility, all the while enjoying cost reductions.

Cloud Development & Data Management

All IoT applications require a cloud infrastructure now days to manage the billions of rows of data. We offer to build the foundations of the server infrastructures from the ground up for your company.

Cross-platform applications

Smartphone and Tablet Apps are a must for any IoT and Industrial process that needs controlling and monitoring. We create these applications depending on your needs and requirements.

Data Analytics

To really feel the power of the data accumulated from any device, it is crucial to process them in such a way as to get out what it really says. We offer analytics tools to really understand what the dynamics in a complex system are.

Integration with other systems

We can integrate and interface with other business applications by creating a custom API for companies to distribute or by integrating a third party web service to enhance our own application

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you really mean by custom-made?

We start from a blank page. This means we do not offer ready-made solutions with development boards, like Arduino or Raspberry Pi. The project starts from ground level and we identify the problems, gather client feedback and devise the solutions for specific tasks that the electronics needs to do.

Do you offer a full solution, hardware and software?

Yes! We offer a full solution, from the electrical circuit and the typical issues that come with the electrical engineering, to the information technology techniques like communication protocols over the internet and security issues.

What is the smallest batch of finished products I can order?

Since we make everything in-house,except the PCB production, we can offer batches as small as 50 pieces. Our assembly line has a fast setup time and flexible components management, making it feasible to work on really small batches.

What kind of products do you focus on?

We have experience in various fields such as: Power Electronics, Industrial Automation and Telecommunication. Lately we have been working on several IoT projects and specifically in Industrial IoT (IIoT) and LPWAN technologies, like NB-IoT.

How much does it cost to make a prototype?

Since we do not aim to be in the business of just designing prototypes, we can get the prices down to as low as material costs for the project. If the project is tempting and there is a possibility for cooperation,we can even work on a prototype for free.

Why do you claim to have the lowest prices in the market?

We are a small company, that has the ability to deal with almost all the steps of prototyping and production,with little to no additional costs. This allows us to be flexible and fast in the creation of new products, thus lowering drastically the overall expenses.