Our history

Everything started form the desire to mess a little with electronics and the need to be creative. After years of studying theoretical formulas (our team has years of accumulated experience in the fields of PowerElectronics, Automation and Communication), a certain urge for testing the truthfulness of what you were told, seemed normal. So it all started, as a need to test, verify, learn and improve. After a long period of reflection and experimentation, during which we shaped our ideas and learned new techniques, we founded a new company, based in Tirana, Albania: Embedded Systems Design & Production (ESDP). We have been in business since 2013. The area of electronic designs created for one particular purpose (embedded systems) has experienced an impressive development in the last decade and it is still evolving rapidly. Since our creation we have been gradually shifting to newer techniques, mostly in the IoT industry.

Our vision

Our goal is creating high-quality tailor-made embedded system solutions for other companies or for individuals, by drastically reducing costs and time in the creation of prototypes and by offering to our customers the opportunity to purchase very small batches of products ranging from 50 pieces up. Thanks to our experience in electronic design, we have built significant programming capabilities and expertise. This and our knowledge of the the fiscal cashiers market allowed us to be one of the first players that were able to offer a full solution for the fiscalisation process in Albania. We are proud to be able to offer two DPT and AKSHI-certified certified solutions to all Albanian businesses: easyPos and easyInvoice. We are passionately working on enriching our portfolio of solutions in order to satisfy all the needs of our clients. Stay tuned for more…

What we do

  • Design and simulation of electronic circuits
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout using the most advanced software in the field
  • Advanced firmware programming
  • Real Time Operating Systems integration and cryptography
  • Manufacturing and/or assembly of finished products
  • Front-End Design & Development
  • Back-End Development & Cloud Services
  • Multiplatform Mobile Applications

Who we are